Digital Dog

A Pictureframe Products Company


is a manufacturing and product development company, created to provide
low-cost digital measuring products for tool users who require accuracy and reliability in
their equipment. With the increase in small commercial machine shops, as well as home based workshops, we have found a strong response from those who own inexpensive machine
tools, such as mill drills, but who need improved performance, such as accuracy and
speed, from them.

We are actively developing new and exciting applications for our digital measuring products
in woodworking, picture framing, carpentry, construction and wherever accurate measurement is important.

DIGITAL DOG was founded by Bob Jolkovski and located in the Boston area. Since we use machine tools in our manufacturing operation, we recognized the need for a truly inexpensive Digital Readout (DRO) for the many machinists who own and operate machine tools in their shops and homes across the country. The milling machine has three axes of motion: x, or lateral, y, or front and rear, and z, or vertical. The mill-drill is a low-cost version of the milling machine, and is very popular with small shop owners and home machinists. Our low cost DRO is ideally suited for use on the mill drill because of its low cost and flexibility of mounting on one or more axes.

What some beginning machinists are learning is that a DRO dramatically improves the usefulness of the mill drill, or any machine tool. Specifically, it eliminates backlash, greatly improves accuracy and repeatability. It makes the machine easier to use. It increases speed and eliminates measurement errors.

The Digital Display unit reads in inch or metric units down to .0005 inches (half a thousandth). It may be changed from inch to metric and back again with the touch of a push button. The unit may be zeroed at any point. It operates on a small inexpensive 1.5 volt watch battery, without the need for wires or cables. Battery life is approximately 1 1/2 years.

For those users, such as woodworkers, who prefer measurements in fractions of an inch,
we now have a display unit that shows fractions of an inch down to 1/64th, as well as decimal inches and metric. The standard display unit shows measurements in decimal inches or metric.

Digital measurement is several decades old. Many products are currently available for machine tools. However these range in price from $600 up to $1800 and are typically powered by 115 volt power supplies with cable connections. The Digital Dog DRO is simpler, smaller and cheaper.

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