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The Digital Dog DRO is a new approach to measurement. It uses a capacitive link between the measuring scale and the readout, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of digital measurement. Instead of a 115 volt power supply with attendant cables, it uses a small 1.5 volt button battery. Battery life is approximately 1 1/2 years and replacement is cheap and simple. The DRO is compact and self-contained, which makes it unobtrusive and easy to mount. The readout slides on the scale, and displays the distance from the zero point to the position of the readout.

digital dog DRO

The display reads in inch or metric units down to 0.0005 inches. It may be changed from inch to metric with the touch of a pushbutton. The unit may be zeroed at any point, which makes it easy to move a cutting tool the exact distance required for many operations.

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