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Increases Accuracy:

A digital readout will improve the accuracy of your machine tool. Digital measurement
consists of a series of on-off signals created by a scale. These signals are communicated to
a reading device, usually known as a readout, which also functions as a counter. The readout counts the number of signals and displays that number on a screen. It is more accurate than analog measurement for several reasons. The measurement is given in the same form that it will be used, namely as a number, not as the position of a pointer on a dial. For example, a ruler is an analog measuring device, which must be interrupted to give a useful measurement in numerical form. This provides the chance for error. Secondly it is easier to read. It also eliminates slippage between the work piece and the measuring  device, know as backlash, a persistent source of measurement error.

Simplifies and speeds tool operation:

Since the digital measuring device does more of the work of measuring, it greatly simplifies the work of the operator. He does not have to place the measuring device in position, it is already there. He does not have to interpret or translate the reading into useful form, it is already in useful form. He does not have to remember anything, The DRO remembers the measurement.
A common problem in measuring the position of the machine slide is losing track of the number
of turns made on a feed wheel. This problem is eliminated when a DRO is used. Simplifying the work of measurement also speeds up.
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Simply and affordable:

By operating on battery power, the expense and complication of a power supply and attendant cable is eliminated. The LCD is also cheap and simple because they are made in large quantities. The electronic circuits are tiny, which makes the entire DRO extremely compact, which not only saves space but also saves manufacturing cost. The digital scale is also simple and cheap and is available up to 48 hours long, or as long as 96 inches if two are placed together. Reliability is another important characteristic of the Digital Dog DRO. The price of the Digital Dog DRO is a small fraction of competing DRO’s It performs the same function as the expensive ones, namely providing accurate, rapid, convenient digital measurement down to 0.0005 inches.

Most machinists are familiar…

The most popular machine tool for generating plane surfaces in the Mill Drill. It is a relatively recent development by tool manufacturers and has gained wide acceptance by small machine shops, model and prototype makers and home craftsmen. Because of its compact size, relatively light weight and low price the mill drill is an ideal tool for the Digital Dog DRO, mounted on the X, Y, or Z axes, or all three. There are very few milling operations that cannot be performed on a mill drill, except for large quantity manufacturing.

In addition to the mill drill, the Digital Dog DRO is used on vertical and horizontal milling machines, lathes, x-y tables, drill presses, table saws, cut off saws, band saws, routers, planers, shears, punches and many other tool types. A great deal of set-up time can be saved as well by use of the
DRO. By displaying the correct dimension in the form most easily used, namely, as a number, it takes much less time to prepare an operation. Because it adds so much ease of use, accuracy and speed to so many tools, the DRO will change you life!

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